Profiler Training Student Guidelines

We’re so glad to have you in our Profiler Training program.

Profiler Training students and alumni have the privilege of being able to cite their professional training with Personality Hacker. As a part of this privilege, we require that you use only approved language and do not improvise different ways to describe your training or your relationship with Personality Hacker. These guidelines apply to any and all Personality Hacker training, courses, events, and workshops, both in person and online.

Using Your Profiler Training
Personality profiling is a distinct profession from writing, speaking, publishing, etc. Profiling typically involves one client at a time, and on some occasions a small group of clients (such as a family or work group).

As a Personality Hacker Profiler Training student, you have our permission and our blessing to use Profiler Training models and strategies in any and all individual and small group profiling/coaching sessions. This is the main purpose of our training, and we’re thrilled when you use these tools to transform your clients’ lives.

On the other hand, you do not have permission to revise, reproduce, reuse, or teach Personality Hacker Profiler Training strategies and materials in groups exceeding 10 people, in public forums or corporate settings, in online groups, in books, or in any other published or recorded material, online or offline. Speaking, writing, and teaching are not the same as personality profiling.

Use of Personality Hacker & Profiler Training Brands and Trademarks
You may wish to mention your experience as a student and alumni of Profiler Training as you create your own website or publication, and this is fine with us. Please do it in the “About” or “Bio” section and use the following language:

As a Profiler Training student, you may say you are “participating in Personality Hacker’s Profiler Training program.”

After completing the Profiler Training program (including all digital content and attendance at an in-person Profiler Training Live event), you may say “I completed my Profiler Training at Personality Hacker under the direction of Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt.”

As a Certified profiler, you may say, “I completed my certification with Personality Hacker in .”

With a current Accredited status, you may say you are an “Accredited Personality Hacker Profiler.” You may also use the approved graphic “Personality Hacker Accredited Profiler” on your website.

This is the only language you may use to describe your training on websites, brochures, and other print or online media.

You may not use “Profiler Training” or “Personality Hacker” in advertisements or marketing materials.

You may not cite Personality Hacker or Profiler Training as your employer in social media, CVs, or resumes. Any affiliation should be listed under education.

Student Commitment
I agree to the following as a student in Personality Hacker’s Profiler Training program:

  • I will always practice patience and kindness with my fellow students and the Personality Hacker support team.
  • I will be respectful of different points of views and ways of profiling/coaching that other students practice.
  • I will never use the strategies I learn for selfish gains. I will benefit others.
  • I will never share my training membership site with anyone outside my immediate family.
  • I will honor my financial promise to pay for my training.
  • If I have serious concerns about my training or need support, I will contact the Personality Hacker team.

Please note that by enrolling in any Personality Hacker programs, you are showing your understanding of and agreement to these terms. Students who do not follow these guidelines will be removed from the program and may be subject to legal action.

LAST UPDATED — December 6, 2021