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Antonia Dodge

Co-Founder | Profiler | Lead Trainer | Coach

As a Personality Profiling Master Trainer & Practitioner seeing how people tick is at the heart of Antonia’s natural ability to understand how people systems work.

She is an author, thought leader, coach, trainer, systems thinker, and personality profiling expert.

At the age of 15 Antonia picked up a book on personality psychology and her world changed forever. She began to see the patterns of why people do what they do – not based on behavior alone – but based on how the mind works.

Antonia has co-developed a 6-month profiler training course that teaches coaches and business professionals how to speed read people, understand how their mind works and and then work with the unique personality for achievement, life purpose, or team building.

Antonia has given keynote talks at the Australian, British, and International Associations for Psychological Types.

Courses Taught By Antonia:

  • Personality Profiler Training
  • Profiler Dynamics
  • Personality Life Path

Joel Mark Witt

Co-Founder | Executive Producer | Coach

Joel Mark Witt is a speaker, writer, and digital media entrepreneur with a focus on personal growth and transformational leadership.

As the co-owner and CEO of Personality Hacker, he oversees a new kind of publishing company that merges digital media with emerging models of human development focused on helping people “hack” their personalities and create more happiness in their lives.

Joel has given keynote talks at the Australian, British, and International Associations for Psychological Types.

Courses Taught By Joel:

  • Personality Profiler Training
  • Personality Life Path

Melissa Harris

Advanced Profiling Coach

Melissa Harris is Personality Hacker’s Advanced Profiling Coach.

Once a PT Student herself, she’s spent years obsessing over how to become a better profiler, and has enthusiastically sought opportunities to help people recognize their unique gifts and unapologetically share them with the world.

Melissa has conducted thousands of profiling sessions over the years and she’s been the mentor of countless profiling students for the last 5+ years, helping them in building robust and calibrated profiling skills and conduct high-quality profiling sessions.

Since 2018, Melissa has spent about 60 hours per week working on personality-related topics. A lot of her free time is spent crafting mental models and testing them to refine her understanding of the 16 types.

She’s come up with tried and tested tools, applied at scale in profiling sessions to help address all the components of powerful profiling sessions (i.e. – how to land a good explanation, rapport building, data rapport, tie-breaker questions, type calibration etc.)

She has built and designed multiple courses and Profiling programs for the Personality Hacker community. All the programs are based in Melissa’s massive knowledge that she has gained from years of profiling and teaching students the skills of becoming a better profiler.

In her personal life, Melissa is a professional pianist, teacher, choreographer, and mother of four in Portland, OR.

Courses Taught By Melissa:

  • Advanced Profiling
  • Profiler Intensive
  • Profiler Insights Programs
  • Profiler Training 101 (support role during Profiler Training Live Events)

Gary Williams

Personality Coach Trainer

Gary is a certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner and became obsessed with human behavior as a middle school student.

He has a background in coaching authors and public education—serving as an urban educator, instructional coach, and dean.

He holds degrees in psychology, communication, leadership, and secondary education. Gary has worked with hundreds of one-on-one coaching clients, conducted thousands of one-on-one coaching calls, and impacted thousands through his personality-based team workshops.

Gary has been the head coach of a team of coaches where he provided leadership for department, directly managing other coaches, call reviews, and providing direct coaching feedback on a weekly basis for two years.

Gary has also built his own coaching business serving clients in personal development and helping online business owners. Gary has been recruited internationally to speak and provide leadership, coaching training and coaching facilitation. Gary was also recruited to be a founding faculty member teaching Leadership Development & Coaching Principles at a Tunisian university.

He has also published an internationally bestselling book introducing the concept of Myers-Briggs as a foundation for supporting others through change and transition.

Everything Gary does is to inspire others to stop and think so that they can imagine a better future for our world.

Courses Taught By Gary:

  • Personality Coaching Fundamentals
  • Personality Coaching Business Principles