Student Stories - Advanced Profiling

Advanced Profiling is one of our Advanced Programs for Profiler Training Alumni.

This course is designed for Profiler Training graduates to continue learning with an emphasis on the practical use of Profiling.

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Here's what our previous Advanced Profiling Students are saying:

"Just when I thought I knew pretty much all of how to profile, my eyes were opened to the next level through the Advanced Profiling course. Melissa’s patient coaching to calibrate those “slam dunk sessions” really helped me see the nuances and the beauty of a correct type, as well as working through quick type conclusion bias. I also learned more accurately how the functions show up in each position in the car model. This was a process well worth the time to hone this skill." - Seth, Pennsylvania, USA

"Advanced Profiling is the bridge between a head-based understanding of the functions and a fine-tuned ability to spot cognitive functions in the wild. The structure of the course, and Melissa's invaluable feedback, will assure that you walk away with a clear and nuanced understanding of all the cognitive functions—even the tricky ones that are frequently confused. I'm looking at you, Se and Ne. As an Advanced Profiling student, I learned to spot my own tendencies that led to mistakes so that I can offer the most accurate type hypothesis to my clients." - Leslie, Accredited Personality Hacker Profiler

"The 202 profiling has been the absolute best. I have gained profound type knowledge and with that also comes a perspective shift, because I know now, how little I know. Melissa is the best and her expertise and dedication goes unmatched - she takes profiling to a totally new level. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who is interested in profiling. However before you sign up, be aware that this new acquired knowledge does not come without putting hours of work into it….at least it did not for me. But on the good side, what you get out of 202 is yours to keep forever." - Pia, Copenhagen, Denmark

"The advanced 201/202 Personality Hacker class has been a complete win for me. I gained so much from Melissa’s expertise and truly appreciated all the time and attention to detail she provided each of us! Not only did I expand my knowledge on cognitive functions and type recognition, I also started to question my own type. I scheduled a typing session and finally discovered my true type. I’m amazed and grateful!" - Cherie, Kansas, United States

"If you want to take your profiling to the next level, this is the course to take. The sixteen sessions you will go through in the first half of the course help you get a flavour of each type and how they show up in real life. After that, Melissa’s feedback for each of the 16 sessions you are conducting yourself is so helpful in realising your full potential, getting insights on what you’re already doing well but also where there’s room for improvement in terms of how you see the different cognitive functions show up in each position." - Klaus, Personality Hacker Type Consultant

“The Profiler 201 class opened my eyes to loads of new concepts and definitely took my understanding of the Car Model to a whole new level. Perhaps best of all is the appreciation I now have around positive aspects of the 10-year-old and 3-year-old functions, and how big those little clues can be in unlocking somebody’s type – especially the tricky ones when the driver or co-pilot functions aren’t so obvious.” - Mike, Valencia, Spain

"With Advanced Profiling, I now have what I need to reach clarity on profiles that would have previously baffled me. I trust myself and I trust the process. Melissa’s targeted methods, materials, and feedback, accompanied by her enthusiastic guidance and support, were invaluable to my learning and growing at an advanced level." - Therese, Ohio, USA

"The class was very challenging, and it allowed me to discover and then let go of many biases and poor patterns I had formed along the way. I recommend this class to those who are willing to take some ego hits (I had to admit I was wrong a lot) and put in some hard work to unpack the nuances of the cognitive functions." - Kyle, Accredited Personality Hacker Profiler

"The Advanced Profiling course has helped me really improve my profiling. Melissa’s feedback on my sessions was invaluable and helped to calibrate the things I was confused about or had overlooked. She taught us to look for evidence of the functions in the words of the profilee and to draw out that evidence using thoughtful questions. The 16 example sessions and the profiling library are useful resources for seeing how each type shows up and for getting good profiling questions. I have a deeper understanding of the cognitive functions and the types after going through this class, and I’m grateful for Melissa’s support and calibration. I would recommend this class to anyone who is wanting to develop their skill in profiling." - Andrea, Personality Hacker Type Consultant

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