[VIDEO] How To Type The “Personality” Of Your Family Culture

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  1. Matt Sherman says:

    Great series. That example about Gunner was very helpful with showing me some of the dynamics of my students. It’s exactly like what he goes through in class. I, as an INFP, don’t honor what he’s trying to do as much as I could.

    This is beyond the scope of the video, and I’m not sure how fitting it is or if it’s something you two buy into, but I kept thinking of the Critical Parent and Trickster archetypal energies when Joel was talking. Gunner bringing out Joel’s perception of a “trickster” child who is causing problems because Ti is actually Joel’s 7th function seemed fitting.

    But then, would Joel’s Fe 6th function be the one that kept saying “Come on. Let’s just have fun.” And trying to smooth everything out?

    • Kimberly Ruffner says:

      An interesting observation…one I am guessing we will get to explore in Profiler Training 2018 with you as a student. Woot woot. Looking forward to having you in the class Matt.

  2. Angelica Garza says:

    I am an ENFP and I can’t quite relate to the notion that we don’t talk it all out. I tend to want to talk it out – completely.

  3. Wow, the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper! Thank you for offering a window in…

    • Kimberly Ruffner says:

      Rabbit holes are the BEST! You are quite welcome. Glad you are enjoying the ride. The only thing better than a good rabbit hole is fabulous company to explore with. Thanks for being part of our community and adding your curiosity to the world.

  4. Katarina says:

    What do you think of this family dynamic? Mom – ESTJ, Dad – ISTJ ( both baby boomers) , Me – INTP

  5. Karen says:

    You guys are great. Interesting, clear and useful information.
    Thanks for sharing and hope the webinar is phenomenally successful,

    • Kimberly Ruffner says:

      Thanks Karen. Fabulous that you are finding value in our content. The webinar is going to be amazing. Woot woot.

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