[VIDEO] How To Type The “Personality” Of Your Business Culture

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  1. Tom says:

    This was a great video! Well worth the time I took to watch it as it explained many of the struggles I’ve had in the workforce as an INTP. The two most recent companies I have worked at have been quite difficult for me. At the previous one I was doing tech support, but it was in a call center (which is bad enough by itself) and the environment and focus was very much oriented towards customer service and Fe. I never had an issue resolving any problems, but I was absolutely drained at the end of every shift.

    The company I’m with now is very Te oriented. The focus really is on metrics and sales numbers with minimal attention paid to quality. This of course makes me quite angry because I am all about quality! This itself creates somewhat of a conflict, but it is made worse when the only appreciation I get for my work is lip-service. I’ve only stuck around with them because I am just doing it P/T to help me get through school and haven’t been able to find any good alternatives.

    I’m officially undecided as to what I’m doing when I graduate, but whatever it is it will definitely be somewhere where quality is appreciated and rewarded, even if it means doing something on my own.

    • Kimberly Ruffner says:

      I think Te and Ti can really clash until they reach an understanding. As a Te user…Ti is one of my favorite functions. It challenges me to think more critically about my ideas before leaping into action. I hope you find an environment in which you can thrive and use your talents to their greatest potential.

  2. Mel says:

    Would you say that organisational “personality” is synonymous with culture or is it only part of culture (or is culture part of personality)?

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