Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Profiler Training Certification Course?

Our Profiler Training Certification Course is designed to teach you how we do what we do.

We are the Personality Hackers.

Give us 1 hour or less and we’ll tell you things about yourself you haven’t shared with your lover, friends, parents or children.

It’s not that we measure behavior – instead we measure how the mind is learning information and making decisions.

And once you know that – you have the power to PREDICT how another person’s mind works… From the inside.

It’s kinda spooky stuff… and we are REALLY good at it.

Years were spent reading, studying, making mistakes, talking with experts, taking courses in all sorts of personal development disciplines and doing hundreds of live profiling sessions.

We developed a methodology and lives started to change… people were improving their marriages – work lives – and businesses.

Then a couple from Australia asked if our company could teach them how to do what we do.

So we did. And it worked.

They learned the system and how to profile and hack others’ personalities.

So then we decided to create an entire training course around hacking personalities and profiling.

And tons of people flooded to learn this system.

After 100+ students – we feel very confident that we can teach you how to do what we do.

We will teach you how to profile another person and practically have an X-ray into their mind and how it works.

By the end of the course you will have the ability to sit down with another person in real time, ask a series of questions while also observing their behavior, help them discover their personality type and then explain it to them in great detail.

That’s the power of the Profiler Training Certification Course.


What Does The Program Actually Look Like?

We have posted the quick start videos from the program online.

The entire course is rich media and video with slides.

You can watch the first three videos here to get a sense of what the trainings actually look like:

VIDEO FROM COURSE – “Why We Profile”

What Is The Tuition?
Do You Have Payment Plans?

The full tuition for the course is $1997.

However – we understand that some people need a tuition that works with their budget.

So – during our current enrollment period (Dec 9-15) we will be offering several payment plan options from 2 months to 6 months.

(As an example – our six month payment plan starts at $332.84/month.)


When Do You Open For Enrollment?

We only open up registration for Profiler Training once per year in December.

We want to create a “class” feel with all the new students each year. So we have an open enrollment period for two weeks each December.

We’ve noticed that there’s a special dynamic created with each class. Maybe it’s the increased accountability, or just a feeling of ‘being in it together’.

How Long Does It Take To Complete The Course?

The course content itself is over 30 hours (40+ sessions).

Many of the sessions have exercises required to get your Certificate of Completion (necessary for Profiler Certification).

If you spend at least one hour practicing active profiling each week (in addition to watching an hour of sessions) you can get through the course in about six months.

If you’d like to accelerate your learning then do some simple math – two hours of content and two hours of practice each week will help you get through the course in about 3 months, and so on.

Most people who excel at Profiler Training become somewhat obsessed and find themselves thinking about it daily, sometimes hourly.

It morphs from ‘commitment’ to ‘passion’. We totally recommend becoming obsessed.


Can I Work For Personality Hacker After I Complete The Profiler Training Course?

While there is no guarantee of working with us after completing the Profiler Training Certification Course – we do tend to find a lot of our team members from our alumni.

How Do I Become A Certified Profiler?

When you become certified you are officially a part of our Profiler Directory, and that means you are well qualified.

It’s not exactly ‘easy’, but it is straight forward.

Read all the details of becoming a certified profiler here.

Where Is The Course – Do I Have To Travel?

The Profiler Training Course is virtual. You can do all the learning and assignments from the comfort of your own computer.

We do host live in person Profiler Training summits and workshops events during the year that you will be invited to attend. Details are sent months in advance for you to make travel plans.


More Questions?

Shoot over any more questions you have to:

Thanks for being a part of the Personality Hacker community. We Hope we get to see you inside the Profiler Training Certification Program program.