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Personality-Hacker_Certified-Profiler-Seal_colorFind A Personality Profiler You Can Trust

Finding the right personality profiler for you is all about having a genuine connection. Personality profiling is very personal and intimate. You will feel more comfortable about working with someone who you can relate to and trust. You’re investing time and money into your personal development, so it’s a good idea to make sure that you feel really good about it.

To get the best results from your personality profiler you’ll need to be able to be completely open and honest with them. The more that you can let your guard down and just be your normal, natural self, the more your profiler will be able to work with the “real you”.

When you choose a Personality Hacker Certified Profiler you are selecting from a group of professionals who have taken the time to master the art and science of personality profiling.

Our Standards

Each of our certified profilers has studied, practiced and continue their education on the topics of personal growth, personality profiling, personality development, and coaching. We hold each of our certified profilers to very high standards of professionalism and ethics. You can read all about the requirements that each of our certified profilers had to meet in order to become certified here.

Personality Hacker has taken the lead in developing a definition and philosophy of professional personality profiling, as well as establishing ethical standards among our certified profilers. Through our own Code of Ethics, Ethical Conduct Review Process, Program Complaint Process and Review Panel, Personality Hacker sets professional personality profiling standards while also giving consumers a venue to file ethics concerns about Personality Hacker Certified Profilers.

Here are the standards we insist each of our certified profilers meet and then exceed:

  • An impeccable professional demeanor and attitude during all profiling sessions
  • Rigorous self-growth and evaluation in their personal life and professional practice
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and potential conflicts of interest and openly disclose any such conflicts with clients
  • Maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client information
  • Hold space for a client that resonates with a conclusion that is divergent from the profiler’s (e.g “best fit type”)

Our Methods

We have a rigorous and thorough process by which we certify personality profilers.

To become a Personality Hacker Certified Profiler, one must:

  • Already hold a Certificate of Completion for the Profiler Training Certification Course
  • Profiling log demonstrating completion of at least eight active profiling sessions
  • Pass a comprehensive written exam detailing theory and knowledge of the profiling material, practice, and code of ethics
  • Complete a comprehensive phone interview with a member of Personality Hacker
  • Complete a final performance review where during a live profiling session a member of Personality Hacker is present
  • Maintain a standard of ethics and professionalism as a profiler

Our People

Our Certified Personality Profilers come from all walks of life and backgrounds. They all have a passion for helping you understand yourself and then begin a path of personal growth custom designed for you.

Many of our profilers are coaches, teachers, speakers, authors and business professionals. All of them agree to the same high standards of Personality Hacker.

Here is a list of Personality Hacker Certified Personality Profilers. If you don’t see your profiler on this list – please shoot us an email and let us know: support@personalityhacker.com

PersonalityHacker.com_Profiler_Scott_IngersonName: Scott James

Personality Type: INFJ – Perspectives/Harmony
Enneagram Type: 4 Sx

Scott is a web designer, blogger, musician and Personality Hacker Profiler in Santa Monica, CA.

He writes about personality type as it relates to intuitive musicians at TheiNtuitiveMusician.com, where he aims to help artists ‘unlock their genius and say something that matters.’

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” — Dolly Parton

personalityhacker.com_Profiler_Shawn_ThompsonName: Shawn Thompson

Personality Type: ENFJ – Harmony/Perspectives
Enneagram Type: 2w3 Sx/Sp

Bio: Shawn Thompson is a certified Schoolteacher, licensed hairstylist, certified Life Coach, Personality Hacker Profiler, and founder of SRT Education Personal and Corporate Development.

Her belief is that we are all lifelong learners capable of personal growth, and her desire is to empower individuals with the knowledge of who they are, and most importantly who they are capable of becoming.

“Education helps one cease being intimated by strange situations.”
—Maya Angelou.

Name: Kimberly Ruffner

Personality Type: ENTJ – Effectiveness/Perspectives
Enneagram Type: 3w4 sx/sp

Bio: Kimberly is addicted to seeing minds expand, passionate about challenging people to be their best, and has a habit of exploring nearby rabbit holes with friends.

Kimberly is our community manager for the Profiler Training Course and has been working for Personality Hacker since 2016.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
—Ernest Hemingway

Name: Jamian Reed

Personality Type: INFJ – Perspectives/Harmony
Enneagram Type: 5w6 Sp/So

Bio: Jamian Reed’s mission is to catalyze the development of wellness through mutual empowerment. Embracing mind-body unity propels her quest for knowledge as a means to help people heal and grow.

Jamian is engaged in professional practical study of psychology and behavioral health at Loma Linda University Medical Center, completed professional healthcare training at Western University of Health Sciences, B.S. in biochemistry and molecular biology from UC Davis, post-graduate work in neuro development and genetics at UCSF and UCSD, and is certified in massage therapy and physical training.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian Maclaren

Name: Catlyn Comstock

Personality Type: INTJ – Perspectives/Effectiveness
Enneagram Type: 1w9, SP

Bio: Catlyn is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Personality Hacker Profiler and aspiring coach. By channeling the wisdom of the mind-body connection, she aims to help others propel themselves forward in their personal development journeys.

An Army Wife of 7 years, Catlyn’s greatest ambition is to create a marriage retreat program for military chaplains and mental health professionals. Using all of the mental models she finds so fascinating, Catlyn hopes to bring the powerful gifts of self-knowledge and self-acceptance to the armed services to build stronger, more resilient families, and encourage soldiers to use their greatest natural talents both in and out of uniform.

“The most important thing to remember is this: to be ready at
any moment to give up what you are for what you might become.” — W.
E. B. DuBois

Report A Profiler

We hold our certified personality profilers to a very high standard. If you believe that someone is abusing their privileges or position please email: support@personalityhacker.com